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Downloading and playing hymns on your computer is easy. RIGHT-CLICK on the highlighted name of the hymn, and choose “Save Target As”. Then simply navigate to the folder on your computer that you want to store the hymn in. (The default on Windows is My Music.) You have now successfully stored the hymn on your computer!

In order to save time, you can download entire sections of the hymnbook (or the entire thing!) in a compressed file called a .zip File. RIGHT-CLICK on the highlighted name of the Zip File you want, and choose “Save Target As”. Then navigate to the folder on your computer that you want to temporarily store the .zip File in. Many newer computers will automatically “UnZip” a .zip file simply by double-clicking it. (If it asks you where you want to store the files, be sure to designate “My Music”, or wherever you are storing your hymns.) If your computer does not automatically open this file, you can download a free “UnZip” program for Windows HERE, and a free version for Macintosh HERE.

If you already use a program to play music, simply import this hymn into your program and enjoy.
If you do not currently have a music program, we recommend Apple iTunes (which works on both Windows or Mac), and can be downloaded FREE.

Click on the picture below to download iTunes.


Once you download iTunes, you simply double-click the icon to install the program. Adding hymns is as easy as clicking on File – Import!

Many Brothers and Sisters will want to burn a CD of the music, so that they can enjoy it in the car, or more conveniently at Memorial Service. If you are using iTunes, you simply create a Playlist of the songs that you want to include on the CD (no more than 17 on a CD), and then click Burn Disc. If you are using another program, follow the instructions on that program, or the CD creation software that came with your computer. Consider burning CD’s with Hymns arranged in the order of your service!

All Hymns are recorded with a introduction containing the first and last line of the verse. They are all set to the recommended timing and include all verses. They are intended to be sung in worship to our Father, or you may simply enjoy listening to them yourself and bringing praise to God in your heart.